Premium Quality Mouth Fresheners and Digestives for your Loved Ones

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about us

Natural Consumer Care Marketing Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of Digestives & Mouth Fresheners in India. The trust and goodwill, that the Brand has built over more than last 5 decades has differentiated it from its competitors.

Our products are known for their unique taste, health quotient and hygienic production. our company’s motto to provide superior quality with utmost focus on health has brought us much appreciation and love from our consumers.

Spread the Love This Diwali Season With Our Festive Gift Packs

This season treat your Friends and Family with our Delicious and Healthy Mouth Fresheners and Digestives. Explore Our Corporate Gifting Options and Find the Perfect Festive Gift Packs for all Occasions.

Our Range

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Churan (mouth freshener)

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    “Funtush delivered the Hampers perfectly the way we wanted them to, the customized look , its flavor, texture and the delivery is much appreciated by all our employees. We would like to recommend this product to other Corporates as well especially for customized requirements”

    Ms. Veni Anand
    Corporate HR - Jindal SAW Ltd.
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    “Excellent Taste! Mouth Fresheners with multiple choices at affordable prices. Best for all family members and daily use. Contents and quality are top class and it actually gives you a very satiating feel post meals. It’s not over sweet or artificially flavored. So I find myself going for it again & again.”

    Mr. Gaurav Agarwal

Royal Treatment for your Guests!

Do you have an upcoming wedding or event? Serve your guests with our mouth watering and healthy digestives and mouth fresheners. Make it even more special with our exclusive wedding gift pack, it is sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests


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